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    Naturally Nutritious & Flavourful

    What makes vacuum fried chips so irresistible is the way they are cooked – vacuum fried.

    Vacuum-frying puts food into a machine that pressurizes and cooks it at much lower temperatures than traditional frying methods. 

    Fruits & veggies become superbly crisp and intensely flavorful during the low-heat/high-pressure fry. Absolutely NO PRESERVATIVES, FLAVORS or COLORING added.

    NHABEXIMS Banana Chips

    RM8.90 MYR

    NHABEXIMS JackFruit Chips

    RM9.00 MYR

    NHABEXIMS Sweet Potato Chips

    RM9.00 MYR

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    We back all our products with 5day return guarantee. Just drop us a line and we will do the rest.

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