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7D Brand Story

What You Need To Know About 7D!

Ever stumbled upon something so wonderful, you had to share it with the world.  We did. But before us more than 40 years ago, back in the days of rotary phones and bell bottoms, Francisco P. David, President of FPD Food International Inc and inventor of 7D Dried Mangoes believed the carabao mangoes he grew up eating with was one of the best thing in the world. And he was right! 

Its Sweetness Is Guinness Grade!

7D mango is mainly made from "Carabao mango" harvested in the Visayas region of Cebu Island. This particular breed of carabao thrived on hilly plantations near the coast thanks to the sea breeze, rich volcanic soil and sunshine.

The carabao mango grown here is characterised by its exquisite balance of sourness and sweetness, and its mellow sweetness was registered in the Guinness Book of Records (1955) as "The sweetest fruit in the world".

In 1972 Francisco invested in a farm and established 7D Food as a sole proprietor business primarily focusing on producing fresh mangoes for sale in the local market.  This is when he noticed how a mango’s  taste is highly influenced by nutrient management (type of soil, rich in lime) and management practices such as harvesting at the right maturity age. 

The 7D Mango brand then began been researching the technology that would enable the rich "Carabao Mango" flavour  to be retained.

Private Technology That No One Can Imitate!

Francisco P. David together with his son Engr Danilo David developed a unique production technology called the soft dry manufacturing method, and finished the product called dried mango in the 1970s with a soft texture. 

Unlike the general technique of removing water from the fruit, this method enhances the delicate sweet sour flavor of the Carabao Mango and produced dried mangoes that were soft and tender yet chewy at the same time. 

In 1978 started processing fresh mangoes into dried mangoes using their proprietary soft dry technology. 

7D Awards & Recognition

  • In 1994 7D was recognized internationally as Winner of VIII International Europe Awardee for Quality in Paris.
  • 1955 the carabao mango was listed in the World’s Guiness Book of Record as the world’s sweetest fruit.
  • 2011 awarded as the Dried Mangoes Supplier of the Year by the Business Achievement and Recognition Awards Council
  • 2016 chosen for having the Best Dried Mangoes in Sunstar’s Best of Cebu search.